What's Your Sound?

Tuning Fork: when struck, it produces several tones—a fundamental and at least one harmonic—but the fork’s shape tends to minimize the harmonics and within a few seconds only the fundamental can be heard.

I remember when, six months after answering the call to be a spiritual coach to leaders, I came across an ad in a business journal that read, “How to grow spiritually while growing a multi-million dollar business.” Boy, was I super excited. When I read the ad, I said, “Yes! This is just for me!”

The ad was highlighting the final workshop of a five-day venture capital convention in Dallas, Texas. I thought it would be great to attend this convention, just to hear the speaker at this final workshop. But I immediately discarded the idea because of the price tag of the event. I heeded the spiritual influence of doubt and unbelief that said, “You cannot afford it.”

However, in the ensuing days, another sound (a voice) kept coming back to me. “What if you call and ask if you could get a discount for attending the final workshop, not the entire convention?”

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