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Have you ever lost your cell phone in a public facility?

It is one thing to lose your cell phone at home, it's another thing to lose your cell phone in a public area.

Last Sunday, after I arrived home from attending my church service I realized that my cell phone was nowhere to be found. The last place I recalled using the phone was at church, entering key points in my notes app.

I did not panic because I knew my "Find my IPhone" app was turned on. I knew if I were to access this app via my personal computer I will know its position. Sure enough, the GPS app told me my phone was still active and positioned on the street where our church is located.

I was relieved. I then called the church to ask if others can try to find my phone. People looked everywhere but the phone was not found.

I then heard in my spirit, "drive back and look yourself." I drove back (25 mins) spent 2 hours looking (with the help of others) and once again, the phone was not found.

We then prayed, declared that God, and ministering angels to return the phone. The crew who help me then departed (I hung around in bewilderment for a little while longer.)

As I left the building, on my way to my car in the parking lot, I heard one of my church members (who spent 2 hours looking for the phone with me) saying, "Pastor Ray, is this your phone?" While she was driving home, she saw the phone laying on the same street that our church is on. The protective case for the phone was broken, the screen protector was marred and cracked, but not a scratch was found on my phone.

Three hours later and with hundreds of cars rolling over my phone (I must have accidentally placed it at the top of my car before I drove off) the Lord miraculously protected my phone.

So where are the 3Ps in all this? I am glad you asked.

P1: Principle

Going to the "Find my Iphone" app is equivalent to the principle of going to the word of God as the final authority.

P2: Position

The app told me the position of the phone. Likewise, the Word of God shows us the mental position (faith) we need to be in once we receive the promises of the Word.

P3: Process

I believe God saw the collective faith of everyone who took action to search for and declare our faith in prayer

Scripture Reference

Job 22:28 [NLT]

You will succeed in whatever you choose to do, and light will shine on the road ahead of you.

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Dr. Ray

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