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Founded in 1999 by Dr. Ray Charles, A Ray of Light Ministries provides training in righteousness in everyday business and ministry practices. We seek to help today’s emerging leaders practice righteousness in every sphere of their lives.  We do this by:

  1. Sharing the vision of Righteous Leadership on multiple channels (Blog, Podcasts, Books, Workshops, Coaching, Traditional media, etc)

  2. Identifying and engaging with a group of current leaders (across multiple disciplines)  with the goal of affirming, challenging, and encouraging them to be righteous leaders and to multiply themselves

  3. Helping to create an environment where righteous leadership principles can be shared, understood, and applied in everyday life and ministry. 

Although the demand and reach of A Ray of Light Ministries are global, our focus remains on the heart of each leader.

Dr. Ray Charles coaches and advises a plethora of influencers in both the public and private sectors. As a former senior executive in the risk management industry, Dr. Charles brings a fresh, yet balanced, perspective on the need to align the risk of everyday business decision making processes with the “purity of character.”

Dr. Charles is an ordained pastor with Ph. D in Biblical Counseling from the North Carolina College of Theology; a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering, and a professional coach certification from International Coach Federation. He is joined in ministry with his lifelong partner, friend, and spouse, attorney Teri Charles, a graduate of North Western Law school and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Howard University.

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