Who is this book for?

This book is for the millions of folks who want to take the leap into their next season but do not feel qualified. The person who knows that she is capable of more but who has not fully stepped out of her comfort zone to really explore what that means for her. She knows she is capable of evolving; she desires the adventure and inventure (inward evolution) but she is not sure she is ready. She is tired of being in neutral and is ready to shift gear into drive. This book says to this reader, “Think about your Next, but don’t lose sight of your Now…...move forward with what you have and stop worrying and waiting till ALL the lights are green. ”


"This book is precise and to the point. The life examples especially in the EQ has made me think and rethink how I respond to you others. Dr.Ray Charles you have reminded me that a true servant takes the time to smile and serve with a good attitude and as a grandmother would say, " without the lip service. Very good read!"

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